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       Eye Care

At The Eyecare Centre we offer a comprehensive eye examination using state of the art technology. Your examination will be scheduled for a full 25mins, allowing ample time for all procedures to be carried out in a professional, non-rushed manner by one of our highly qualified optometrists. The extra time allows all tests to be explained to you fully, so that you get a true understanding about the performance and health of your eyes.

Following each examination your optometrist will spend time to carefully explain how we recommend that your visual status is managed. As each examination is unique to each individual there can be no prescriptive list of what should be covered but as a patient at our practice you will receive the highest standard of eye care. We believe that everybody should receive the same gold-standard of care and so our examinations are the same for private of NHS patients.

Book an advanced digital retinal photograph:  We offer an advanced examination of your optic nerve, macula area and central retina to be digitally photographed and stored for future analysis. This advanced, high definition digital image capture allows early detection of common eye disease such as glaucoma, macula degeneration and cataract at their earliest stages.

This advanced technique is also excellent at picking up the early stages of systemic disease such as Diabetes, Hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol and also can be a powerful tool in detecting certain cancers.

Do you fear the ‘Puff-of-air’ test during your examination.

Measurement of the pressure of the eye for glaucoma is performed on all patients over the age of 35 years. We are one of very few practices in Sussex to offer pressure checking  using technology that does not involve drops or a puff of air. The Icare tonometer is a revolutionary piece of equipment that allows the internal pressure of the eye to be checked accurately and without any discomfort.

This technique is ideal for those who are apprehensive about having their eye pressure checked with the more common puff-test. It is comfortable, fast and easy.

       Eye health products

Dry Eye and Blepharitis are two of the most common eye complaints resulting in significant ocular discomfort.  We recognise the importance of early diagnosis and the need for correct treatment. This is why we offer our patients an extensive range of ocular health products. Not everybody suits the same eye drops or you may be the individual who does not respond well to a certain treatment regimen. Our lead optometrist, Dr Sandip Doshi is an expert in the diagnosis and management of these conditions and the optometrist in charge of managing these conditions for the Community Eye Service, which is a Brighton and Hove wide NHS initiative treating front of the eye issues.


Blepharitis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the eyelids which can be extremely difficult to clear. Treatment varies massively and there are many suggested treatment regimens which are now regarded as either incorrect or out of date. It is essential that the condition is properly diagnosed and managed in order to prevent sustained ocular discomfort. In a contact lens wearer blepharitis (and in fact dry eye too) can lead to discomfort or even discontinuation.  Below is an information sheet about the condition and supporting video.






Once the cause of your ocular discomfort has been diagnosed by our optometrist a treatment regime which is individual to you will be explained. You will be asked to perform this at home several times a day. You may be asked to purchase drops, lotions or gels and other accessories which may be needed to maintain improvement of your condition. 


Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD).

There is now a strong body of evidence to suggest that progression of the ‘dry form’ of ARMD can be slowed with the daily use of supplements. We recommend a formulation called Macushield as this contains 3 compounds which are known to be beneficial to the macula. For a full explanation of the disease and the action of this supplement please see the following video:


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