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Thanks to Shamir UK for helping keep us safe from Covid19

Updated: May 30, 2020

A massive thank you to Shamir UK ltd and specifically Russ Bickle (and his wife Gill Bickle) for supplying my practice, The Eyecare Centre, with a few pairs of these safety spectacles.

We are among the few practices open in our area for Essential and Urgent Eyecare to help relieve the load on our already stretched hospitals, GPs and Pharmacists. We have already helped a number of grateful patients. Your kindness will make us feel a little safer as we continue to serve the eye care of the people of Brighton and Hove and beyond. #eyecare #covid-19 #nhs #optometrist #essentialcare #urgenteyecare

Please have a look at Shamir’s FB profile and give them a like as they are doing many other wonderful things during this crisis to help our NHS.

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