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Why does Santa wear glasses?

Why does Santa wear glasses? He needs reading glasses because he has to read his long list of who is naughty or nice children, and he's no longer a youngster anymore. Santa hasn’t always worn glasses though.

The grandfather symbol of generosity with the snow-white beard and half rim glasses is actually a relatively new. It was the re-marketing of St. Nicholas or Sinter Klaas, as he’s origonally known in the Netherlands.

It was in 1822 where a lot of the modern association with Santa Claus started when poet Clement Clarke Moore wrote 'Twas The Night Before Christmas'. Later cartoons in the 1880s by Thomas Nast, gave us our modern image of Santa. Old, wise, with a plump belly, a snow white beard, rosy cheeks and a bag full of presents, and often wearing glasses.

St. Nick, who died in 343 A.D. at age 73, was beloved for freely sharing his inherited wealth with the poor, although he wouldn't have glasses. St. Nick lived before eyeglasses were invented.

Why doesn't Santa wear contact lenses? Maybe he now does!

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