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                  Contact lenses

Unlike many of the larger and multiple opticians The Eyecare Centre offers the full complement of contact lenses that are currently available throughout the World. We are not linked to one manufacturer or nor do we produce our own label contact lenses. This means that the advice we give you is unbiased and personalised to you and your requirements.

We are a specialist contact lens practice and are involved in both ‘conventional’ lens fitting (soft, gas permeable and hard lenses) and specialist fits (post corneal surgery, abnormal corneas, complex lens fits). We regularly fit lenses from all the large manufacturers (for example, Johnson and Johnson, Ciba Vision, Alcon, Coopervision, Bausch and Lomb, Sauflon) and also specialist suppliers (for example, No7 Contact Lens Laboratory, Mark Ennovy, Madden and Layman,  Northern Lenses). With advancement in contact lens technology and with our expertise most people with visual problems can wear contact lenses.   


Most contact lenses fitted elsewhere are done using standard equipment called a keratometer, which only measures the central 3mm of your cornea. This can result in poor fits as it assumes that all corneas are the same shape out towards the periphery. We use advanced corneal surface mapping (topography) which measures the whole width and height of the cornea, thus allowing for more accurate fits giving an optimum comfort and superior vision. 


Insert image of corneal topography.

Corneal topography allows us to exclusively offer Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT), which is also known as orthokeratology. This is a specialist treatment which is very individual and only offered by by expert contact lens practitioners. It  involves reshaping the cornea overnight so that glasses or contact lenses are not needed throughout the day. CRT offers a safe alternative to laser eye surgery and unlike laser treatment is fully reversible. It has also been shown to be a very powerful tool in myopia control in children.  

The Eyecare Centre has partnered with the No7 Contact Lens Laboratory to offer their pattened CRT programme, Eyedream. To find out more about Eyedream and to watch video of the procedure, including Daytime TV celebrity, Phillip Schofield talking about the having the procedure himself, please click the button below.



Eyedreams link

          New to contact lenses?


After your detailed session at the The Eyecare Centre about how to apply your contact lenses and their care you should feel confident in handling your lenses, however  if you need a quick reminder, please see the following videos:


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